Store Open again

Store Open again
Thanks to the Marvellous Ms Maggie, JV opened its doors again this morning!!! Can't keep a good team down!

Maggie will be at the store again tomorrow Saturday 10th Sept from 10am until 2pm.

The angel has agreed to pick up a few more hours until Ben and I are back on our feet.

From Next week the shop will be open from 9am til 2pm. Sorry, no later than that. Our sweet Mama has commitments that don't change just because her Boss went and caught herself the 'Rona.

With these reduced hours, remember, online ordering is available, with click and collect available, as well as courier.

As for me. Last night was distinctly unpleasant, not gonna lie. I'm taking full advantage of over the counter pharmaceutical assistance to alleviate painful symptoms. I absolutely feel for people who have been knocked about with this horrible virus. That said I've always operated under the assumption that dramatic things happen to others, and make for good TV, but will not be my lived experience. So, I'm anticipating being fit to return to duty when my release date rolls around next week. Which will mean a return to normal operating hours. 

we hope.

Much love, Amii and Ben