Jock’s Vapes:
CCTV & Loyalty Program Information Policy

System Operation Times:

CCTV System:

24 Hours.
7 Days a week.

The CCTV System is in operation to ensure the safety and security of Cumulonimbus Eliquids Ltd. T/A Jock’s Vapes (here after referred to as Jock’s Vapes) employees and property.

Loyalty Program:

Business Hours Only – 10am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday, 10am – 2pm Saturdays
Not operational on public holidays.


CCTV & Loyalty Program Monitoring:

Both CCTV and Loyalty Program systems are operated and monitored by the Jock’s Vapes Directors.
All recorded footage, associated audio, and Loyalty Program customer information can be accessed remotely by the Jock’s Vapes Directors.


Footage and associated audio is reviewed on a weekly basis or upon report/complaint made by an employee, customer or legal authority in relation to an incident or criminal activity within the location of the Jock’s Vapes store.

Loyalty Program:

Customer information recorded in the loyalty program is reviewed by Jock’s Vapes employees at the point of sale. Customer account error’s and corrections are performed by Jock’s Vapes Directors.

Who Has Access:

CCTV & Loyalty Program access and monitoring is performed by the Jock’s Vapes Directors. Jock’s Vapes employees access Loyalty Program information to perform their duties at point of sale.

Recorded data, footage and associated audio will made available to New Zealand law enforcement agencies upon request, should it be required for the investigation and or prosecution of any criminal incident/offense.
Recorded data will also be used for training purposes for Jock’s Vapes employees to improve the services provided by Jock’s Vapes.


Information Storage:
CCTV Data Storage:

All recorded footage and associated audio is encrypted with AES Standard 128bit encryption. Recorded data is stored in store (Jock’s Vapes 19 Geange Street, Upper Hutt) and via a private cloud service, accessible only by Jock’s Vapes Directors.

General customer interaction recorded footage and associated audio is kept for 7 days and will be erased at the end of the stated period of time using DoD 5220.22-M standard data sanitisation.

Recorded footage and associated audio relating to any investigation and or prosecution of any criminal offense/incident by any New Zealand based law enforcement agencies will be kept by Jock’s Vapes until such time as the data is no longer needed by said law enforcement agencies. i.e. New Zealand Police.


Loyalty Program Data Storage:

Customer personal information recorded for the purpose of the Loyalty Program is stored via the Point Of Sale system provider Vend which adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a set of standards used throughout the European Union regarding users personal information.

The information gathered for the Loyalty Program is maintained by the Jock’s Vapes Directors.

Who To Contact Regarding These Systems:

General enquiries should be directed to the Jock’s Vapes Directors via any of the following methods.

Phone: 04 5298117
Mobile: 0218681077
In Store: Business Hours Monday to Friday 10am – 5:30pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm

Complaints need to be directed to the Jock’s Vapes Directors via email.


Complaints regarding CCTV recorded footage, associated audio and collected customer personal information for the Loyalty Program will be reviewed and all data associated with said complaint audited by the Jock’s Vapes Directors.

In the event of an investigation and or prosecution of a criminal offence, all materials will be made available to law enforcement agencies i.e. New Zealand Police

Breaches of the Jock’s Vapes CCTV & Loyalty Program Information Policy by Jock’s Vapes employees will result in disciplinary action or immediate termination of employment, dependant on the severity of the breach.

All collected CCTV & Loyalty Program information, visual footage, associated audio and customer personal information is protected by the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993, information collected by Jock’s Vapes will not be divulged to any third parties excluding the aforementioned access that has been outlined in this document for law enforcement agencies.