Too old to be considered Millennials we two young(ish) upstarts fell into vaping hard. Ben, with his obsession for tech and all things modifiable, and Amii with her obsessions for flavors vibrant and complimentary. Within days we were upgrading mods and mixing flavors, not so much to find the perfect hit (because what's left after that?) but to experience every face of vaping.

Call it a passion to taste and experience what's possible, Cumulonimbus eLiquids Limited strives to provide ranges, which cater to both the familiar and the unique for its customers. You can love them or hate them but remember life is too short and should be enjoyed, so while you may have a favorite flavor try everything that is out there.

Blah blah blah blah blah _TLDR


Okay, so here's the truth. We're new to this making juices for the people thing. Oh we're all for the people. Let the people have cake and all that. But we're also kinda selfish. We make juices for us that we like.

Some other people have liked what we do, and so we thought.... hey, let's share, eat, vape and be merry.

But we stand firmly behind the theory of evolution (dinosaurs are cool, just saying) and our juices will be evolving. Some may go extinct. We're all for feedback and welcome it. Try something. Let us know what you like, what we could do different, and what you hate.

I'm not promising we'll do everything to please just you, cause there's like 9 billion people in the world and we're just not that inclined to make EVERYONE happy. But we do like to grow, learn and be challenged. So once you've tried a juice, come back and give us feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly.


I think we made it clear we're about evolution here. Things at Cumulonimbus will be changing regularly.
We're still new, and we're already thinking about new designs and flavors, and we need the freedom to try and roll fun, exciting, new things out. There will be none of this "It's an olde timey tradition of juicemaking handed down from fore-sperm to zygote, this is how things have always been".

That said we do have some personal philosophies we'll be implementing as things roll on. It goes without saying our product is ethically sourced. Big DiscWorld fans here and we support Sir Terry's desire to protect the Orangutan and their habitats. And we are small time eco-geeks. You know, raising chickens and growing our own food.

For me (Amii) I'm personally bothered by how much waste e-Juice generates, in tiny plastic bottles and so on. So firstly we strongly encourage you to recycle those ickle bottles at every opportunity. Please. Meanwhile I'll be plugging away researching, trying to find more sustainable ways to package our delightful little products. Where possible I'll be stuffing packaging with recycled newspaper (which I urge you to recycle) and the added bonus is, doing things like this will help us keep the cost down for you too!

I know I'm not going to be able to completely eliminate the waste created, but if we work together we can try to keep it down.

We're trying to figure out a bottle reclamation scheme and will roll it out as soon as it's viable.


Ben ~
The Ben is a unique animal, when observed within its natural habitat one starts to question ones own sanity due the confounding methods this interestingly paradoxical beast performs even the most simple of tasks. Be fore warned however prolonged exposure to the Ben may result in a singularity forming in ones skull cavity. Handle with protective eye wear, gloves and face mask... not that any of those would help though.

Amii ~

I want to talk about how I was an artist growing up, I wrote and painted etc.
True as that was once, I'm the numbers gal. I'm the straight man to Bens clown. It's a match made in trope heaven, and it works.
I love making juice as it gets my creative juices flowing again. It's something we both love and can get excited about and that's pretty awesome.