About us

I was a smoker for decades; and I loved it.  In fact, I resisted vaping for a long time, worried that it just might work!

 Well, last year I gave it a go.  Had a tentative vape in the shop in Napier, coughed a bit, but bought a cheap set-up and took it home.  Actually, I had a smoke while I unpacked it and read the instructions!  But that is one of the features of smoking isn’t it?  The deep rooted associations between activities and having a fag...

 Anyway, it was an immediate success although it took a little getting used to.  I cut down to a few a day, and stopped smoking at home altogether.  My wallet sure noticed the difference (yay!); my cough stopped (maybe it was smoking related lol); and my wellbeing improved.  In the end, smokes just weren’t doing it for me – they are messy, stinky, and the taste wasn’t a patch on e-juice flavours.  I broke up with tobacco.  I reckon I will get back the time with my grandkids that smoking was taking away.

 So here I am – wanting to help you make the most of vaping.  Whether you want to start, want to upgrade, or want to just get something new; I am here to provide personal service, good value gear, and excellent flavours.