Mask Requirement Remains in store.

Mask Requirement Remains in store.
Face Masks:
Aren't we all sick of them? I know Ben is. He looks forward to the day we don't need them. That glorious beard deserves sunlight.
But it is currently store policy to require one on entry to the shop.
This is going to be long, so pull up a chair and make yourself a cuppa.
We have no desire to refuse service to anyone. We serve all genders, races, orientations, patches whatever. We give respect and expect respect.
We do legally have the right to refuse service however. If people are harrassing or threatening our staff, or made them feel otherwise unsafe. It's rare we enforce this and we try other means of conflict resolutions first. We've made some good friends from customers because we've taken the time to resolve some misunderstanding first. It's who Jocks Vapes are.
Let me be clear, if we ask you to wear a mask and you do not, we may deny you access to the shop floor but we are NOT refusing to serve you. We will happily accept online orders for collection at the door.
So why do we refuse access to the shop?
Because we are a small self employed business.
Because if we get Covid, it's not a matter of claiming the govt subsidy while we sit at home watching Netflix with the sniffles. We don't get guaranteed payed sick leave and employment after down time.
We've already lost Maggie to isolation. We're paying her. We love her and she deserves it but that's money out, not in.
If Ben or I go down that is the shop closed and Online too.
No income.
Now our customers love us. But they would buy elsewhere in the meantime. And who could fault them for that?
But it doesn't take much to change a habit. I used to shop at Pak and Save. Occasionally I'd pop into countdown because it was close to work. Now, 3 years later I'm a countdown shopper. Pak and Save didn't do anything wrong. I just changed my habits.
Over the past 2 years with covid and legislations peoples lives have changed. Their habits have changed. We've seen and felt it here. Regulars we'd share a coffee and a yarn with now work from home and don't go out. People lost and changed jobs.
Distributors have shut down and courier companies have changed their policies.
We've adapted as much as we can'l to continue to provide service to you.
Because the soul of Jocks Vapes is the Shop. We're not a big franchise, and while I'm working on the website, it's not my strength and we're not a large online entity.
It's being here, with our doors Open. Talking to you, hearing about your day, offering advice and a hug if needed. The hugs and the laughs are my favorite 🥰
Every time we have to close our doors because a virus takes us out, or childcare falls over, there is a very real roll on effect. There are regulars who's faces I miss.
We cannot do much about the virus. And I'll also admit I'm convinced when we eventually get it, it'll probably be just a cold for us for the duration.
But while it remains that exposure means we will have to close our doors for a fortnight please understand why I want to avoid that possibility.
We're doing everything else, sanitizing, improving our website, distancing.
We're only asking that you wear a mask for a moment so we don't have to close our doors, possibly forever.
With Love, and sincerely missing the good old days.
"Businesses may wish to require face masks at their premises. They need to take care when doing so, to ensure they do not discriminate against people with disabilities that prevent them from wearing a face mask."
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