8/9/22 - Due to Covid Shop floor closed, Online still taking orders.

8/9/22 - Due to Covid Shop floor closed, Online still taking orders.
Good Morning Customers,
First off I would like to thank all of you for your support during these trying times. With dropping new community case numbers and the possibility of a change in traffic light state looming in the near future things are looking positive…
Even one of our households RAT’s returned a positive this morning. I like to think it just wanted to join in on the positive fun times.
With that said we will be in isolation as of today, which unfortunately means that the store will be closed.
If you have already been through the current isolation setup, our very first household Covid-19 case will be able to leave isolation next Friday 16th September 2022, hopefully as a rehabilitated individual, ready to contribute and re-join society.
We, as required, will continue to test throughout this period.
What’s that you say? What about Maggie? Surely, she doesn’t live you?
No, Maggie doesn’t live with us but in a twist of fate she is also on sick leave today with an unrelated illness and hopes to be back in the store as soon as she is able.
On that Note: Don't Panic, you can still place an online. These will be made up, ready for collection or courier as soon as we have a body on the shop floor (Which, I'm hoping will be tomorrow, fingers crossed)
Two and a half years, catching every bug brought home from day care and no covid-19 at all, until today, with the green in sight even… bugger.
Thank you again.
We will be back soon.