Vapour eyes


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Tasting Notes 28/3/2014 - 96 hours steep, 3mg

First inhale... what is that? Tastes very dark. It /was/ a very shallow drag. I take a long, lung hit. Exhaling through the nose I taste vanilla, with a hint of cinnamon baked goods. Still dark. Can't explain it, just... darkness. I can't stop vaping this juice, I (very pretentiously) exhale it while smacking my lips together, think I can taste a toasted nuttiness. Still dark. Almost claustrophobic... but can't stop vaping it. Just one more drag...This juice is basically the antithesis of my brighter liquids (Beesting, ADV.1, 2)

Vaped on a dual cotton-microcoil IGO-W, 0.8 ohm at 5 volts ~30 watts.

Inhale – dark, sweet pipe tobacco

Exhale – baked goods, notes of cinnamon, vanilla

Pair with – nothing cheaper than $80 a bottle

50% VG; 0 nicotine; steep 7+ days

Note: This liquid needs to steep for a minimum of a week to tone down the tobacco, bring out the vanilla and bakery notes, and generally round out the flavour.

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