Nebula Mod

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The Nebula Mod performs brilliantly, feels great in your hand, and looks very cool!

Vaporesso have taken the popular Target to the next level.  It has matured into a compact 100W mod that just radiates style.

The two big things with a mod are:

  • look and feel
  • performance features

The Nebula is a winner on both counts.

The finish on the red version is satin, while the gun metal version is a high polish (yes, a definite fingerprint magnet!); and the shape is both engaging and comfortable.  The rubberised battery cover promotes a natural grip that places the fire button in just the right place.  The tapered atomiser platform has been lowered a little and is wide enough to accept 25mm attys without over-hang.

The Nebula is designed to take a 26650 for the full 100 Watts; but will also accept an 18650 and deliver 80 Watts.  Note that batteries are not included in the  kit.

This mod, like the Attitude Kit, has the benefit of Vaporesso's latest OMNI board taking care of the power delivery to the atomiser.  Like previous mods, Vaporesso have used a separate menu button to make navigation simpler.  This version of the OMNI board has some new features - in addition to recognising the coil resistance and asking if it is a new load, if you respond that the load is new the OMNI board will reset the power to be appropriate for the coil.  This will prevent inadvertently "cooking" the coil if you had the power up high for the previous coil.

Another nice feature is the provision to create your own custom power curve in both wattage control and temperature control.  It also has a bypass mode if you want it to perform like a mech mod.  And let's not forget the usual protections and alerts for low voltage, output short circuit, low resistance, machine over-temperature, over current, load, time-out, and reverse battery polarity.

So.  What we have here is a sophisticated mod that looks way cool, and feels so great to hold.  Vaporesso is right when they say "you will either love it, or love it!"