eGo AIO Box Kit

eGo AIO Box Kit

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The eGo AIO Box is an all-in-one (AIO) box-mod type vape.  Styled in a mix of colours it features an anti-leak integral tank, child proof top fill cap, and adjustable airflow.

Because the tank and atomiser arrangement is the same, the performance of this device matches its pen-style mate, the eGo AIO – there is plenty of vapour and the flavour of your juice is full and satisfying.

The battery capacity is generous, and can be charged from a USB connection like a computer or a phone charger.

Easy to use and convenient; it even has your choice of 7 colours of light to illuminate your juice as well as indicate battery charge.  So cool!

Perfect for beginners, it can simulate smoking while giving great flavour and so much more flexibility.

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