Attitude Kit

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The Attitude Kit is compact, comfortable, and a great performer.

Vaporesso have a winner here, with an outstanding 80 Watt single 18650 mod coupled with the ESTOC tank to deliver excellent flavour and plenty of vapour!

The mod is controlled by Vaporesso's Omni-board; and they have taken it up a notch with some smart features.  Most mods, these days, will detect the coil resistance; but this one will use that information to set an appropriate starting point for the power setting.  This will save you from inadvertently over-heating a new coil.  Another cool feature for a mod at this price point is the ability to customise the power curve to your own liking (CCW - custom curve Wattage, or CCT - custom curve temperature).  Of course, if you are just starting out you can leave these features alone for now and keep it simple with traditional coils in the Wattage mode.

Sitting on top of a great little mod is a great little tank - the ESTOC.  The tank is in the box as a 2 ml version, but there is an adaptor and bigger glass to make it into the ESTOC Mega which holds 4 ml.  Either way, this tank is a great performer with the new EUC coils.  They are small, easy to fit (just push in), and come as a ceramic (0.5 Ohm) or a traditional (0.4 Ohm) cotton unit.  The coils are small which makes them a little more eco-friendly to dispose of, and also relatively inexpensive.  The tank is a top-fill, bottom airflow style and delivers excellent flavour and generous clouds.

The Attitude is good looking, low profile, and feels great in your hand.  Get your favourite juice; and get an Attitude!

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